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Established in 2011, the Delaware Telehealth Coalition (DTC) is dedicated to implementing the latest telehealth technologies in order to provide optimal healthcare to Delawareans and overcome challenges associated with healthcare delivery. The Coalition is a diverse group of healthcare stakeholders, including state agencies, local healthcare organizations, non-profit groups, commercial technology organizations, and members of the community.


The DTC recently adopted the following vision statement:


“Telehealth will be fully integrated into Delaware’s healthcare system so that all residents will have equitable

access to affordable, world-class, patient-centered healthcare throughout the state.”


A Strategic Action Plan was developed by the Delaware Telehealth Roundtable with the mission of the Delaware Telehealth Coalition in mind:


“To facilitate the use of telehealth to improve access to high quality healthcare throughout Delaware.”


As outlined in the three-year strategic action plan, the DTC strives to facilitate the use of telehealth technologies to improve:

  1. Access to behavioral health services

  2. Access to specialty care

  3. Management of chronic disease


Become a part of the initiative to incorporate telemedicine into Delaware’s healthcare system and join the DTC as a representative of your agency, organization, or group. The DTC meets semi-annually to engage in collaborative activities and discuss the implementation and use of telehealth technologies so that Delawareans are delivered the best health services available. Smaller workgroups meet more frequently than the entire coalition to address issues that are vital to the advancement of telehealth in Delaware and to implement the Delaware Strategic Action Plan (SAP). All members will receive pertinent emails regarding the DTC’s upcoming events and advancements in telemedicine.

The Delaware Telehealth Coalition, as a collaborative group, does not endorse any specific third party equipment, software or applications.



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